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Sound and audio are what started it all when we were To The Kerb Productions and it’s still our main specialty. During the time we were shut down to outside projects due to issues with the studio, we continued to hone our skills and add equipment. We now have the best recording site we’ve ever had. The Deep Mystery Studio is ready to produce any media you need.

Some of the gear we purchased allows us to do what many studios are unable to do. We can take the show on the road. We have fully portable, high quality recording equipment that we can use on site if needed. That means, if you want to be the one to tell your story, we can come to your location and get top notch media on site. We’ll even coach you through the session to get your best performance.

With years of experience, we can create almost any kind of audio product you need. We offer full services producing promotional radio spots, narrations, voiceovers, and even custom sound effects. We are always training and adding new voices to our crew of talented voice performers.

Our audio services are available to clients around the country or around the block. Through phone, email, and the cloud, we can produce any audio product you need. We can provide scripts, sound effects, music, and other audio services beyond just the voice work. When we make it, you own the copyright to the finished product, not a radio station.

Contact us to see how we can shed light on your message.

High End Audio and Recoring Equipment