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There are great mysteries in life. All things hidden can be revealed. In fact, the original meaning of mystery was “full disclosure.” It was the popularity of the mystery novel, called that because the reader always found out who did it at the end, that changed the common usage of the word. It’s all about revealing everything.

Everyone has a story to tell, a message to share. As a ministry, you have the most important message in history. We’re here to help you get that message out. The mystery that you want to reveal is the one that the Lord has given you. We do radio spots, promotional and social media videos, and a broad range of other media services. Audio production and writing services are our specialties, but we also do web videos. Soon we will also be doing sermon illustrations

If you prefer, you can book time in with our portable recording studio and use our equipment to make your own media. We bring the studio to you using our portable recording equipment and sound isolation material. We can help with the entire process including coaching you and anyone else you want to bring in for the sessions.

New! We are offering educational services to teach people how to do podcasts, vocal performance, and other production skills! These lessons are individual and very affordable. If you have something to say and want to learn how to say it, we’ll share our years of experience with you not only to learn mic skills but equipment selection and production techniques.

We specialize in working with ministries. Podcasts, sermon videos, and other online content that will connect people with your organization are the core of our business.

As we grow, we will be producing original content. Some will be how-to videos available freely on our YouTube page and others we will offer for sale.

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