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The Best Person to Tell Your Story Might Be You

The problem is that you don’t know how but you want to give it a try. In this digital age, there a a lot of means at your disposal that only take a minimal amount of technical know-how and little or no money.

We can teach you how to set up your choice of means of communication. There are three main options available to you that we can work with you to develop.

The first is the blog. This is the easiest to set up with the lowest cost. We are versed in both Blogger and Wordpress. We can teach you how to set up the site, select templates, and guide you on creating your original content.

The second is the audio podcast. This doesn’t require a lot of money either but isn’t as likely to be free. It also requires some training to do well. This is the best option for someone with a good speaking voice or to include guests. With some assistance from us, you can be broadcasting in no time. We’ll help you pick the gear, set up the feed, and all the skills you’ll need to create your program.

The last is the video podcast. While it can be less expensive than the audio podcast, it requires a lot more skill and training to do it right. It’s also the one that requires the most technical savvy to pull off. Just like with the audio podcast, we’ll help you with equipment selection, setup, and learning how to edit your feed.

Regardless of which one (or ones) you select, we’re here to help you with every step of the process. Our media experience, technical savvy, and promotional skills are at your disposal.